Friday, July 27, 2007

BlogHer: Fashion Crimes and Speed Dating

Right now, people are standing in a big circle meeting each other and exchanging business cards. I'm not anti-social, but it's way too loud. I have to conserve my vocal chords.

I wish I knew sign language. I could press my business card into their hands and give them a heartfelt message.

Unfortunately, the only sign language I know would look hostile.

While waiting in line to register, I spotted my first fashion crime.

Sock liners aren't supposed to show.


Dear GM,

I'm sorry. I'm still not interested in your cars.

Poppy Buxom
The Unknown, Not-Famous, Non-Schmoozing Blogger


  1. Definitely not unknown!

    While the sock liners weren't good, the shoes look like they might have been cute.


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