Friday, July 27, 2007

Blogher. The writing panel.

Chick number one: I already have two degrees in English literature. I already know that drama is different from non-fiction.

Chick number two: I'm so glad you're not still blogging about selling Avon. Because, you know ... Avon?

Chick number three: I love your earrings. But they wouldn't work for me.


  1. Caffeine seems to be a common theme. Personally, I'd go for a Vodka/Red Bull.

  2. You haved saved me the trouble of couture-ridden transvestism posting things like this.

    Keep it up, the dowry is dropping.


  3. come on. admit you would rather just be hanging with your friends drinking and getting massages. A whole conference of babbling girl bloggers???? My head aches.

  4. I always knew I LIKED you a lot. Now I know I LOVE you even more. I've been reading your twitters. Seems you and blackbird are the only two attendees giving an honest appraisal of the conference, much to my amusement. And not a 'squeeee" amongst you. What women you two are!

  5. next year, you should just come visit me...

  6. Poppy, you could be relaxing with a good book, drink in hand, perhaps lying on a hammock in the shade but I am sure some good will come out of BlogHer.

  7. ...Or come visit me! You know, your reports make me almost glad I moved away six weeks before Blogher.

    Still, I suspect you're enjoying yourself. I mean, you're still going to Blogher events and we all know everything's more fun with alcohol!


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