Sunday, July 29, 2007

BlogHer07: A Square Peg in a Round Hole

Maybe BlogHer07 wasn't as bad as I thought.

What can have changed my mind? OK, call me shallow: it's because Susie Sunshine and Blackbird and I won prizes.

That's what I won. It's toy bins. Made of fine, smooth birch wood, lovingly hand-painted in organic milk paints by disabled garden gnomes. Or something along those lines.

Now, do I need a toy box? No, I do not need a toy box. My children are 10 and 12, and my toy box days are pretty much over.

But it was free. A prize! (A prize that I totally don't deserve to win; I crashed the party.)

But I'm going to accept it. And then, if I feel a bit guilty, I'll send it to Dooce.


  1. that last line cracked me up. heehee.

  2. It's the details of the praty crashing which interest me.


  3. I think I won a magazine subscription!
    I wonder if we CAN accept, having crashed?

    Joke: it was dark, full of women and alcohol, and our blouses could have fallen off at any moment...

  4. bb,

    All perfectly true no doubt, but it was the party-crashing bit which intrigued me.


  5. Oh, that's easy.
    We weren't invited and we WENT.

  6. It was Susie Sunshine's idea.


  7. dude if i hadn't read this post, i would have never collected my loot. thx pppy bxm!!


    hilary wood
    (naked pictures of prince on desktop)

  8. Sounds like it was ALL fun, even the boring Blogher bits. Thanks for providing a vicarious experience via your blog (and Blackbird's).

  9. I LOVED meeting you, P! You so deserve any prize you walked away with.

  10. Poppy Buxom is probably the coolest name I have ever heard -ever!


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