Friday, July 20, 2007

In which Poppy quotes a lot of old records, and then sets the record for ranting.

Sorry, yesterday I was way too busy to fill you in on the excitement in my life.

Because I was posting here, there, and everywhere.

I was also waiting for the electrician or someone like him because Lord knows when these two fabulous bloggers come to stay with me in Chicago, they deserve to have lights that work.

Not to mention the new carpeting that got installed. (I'll pretend it was for them. Because that will make me look like such a great hostess.)

And I was trying to buy a copy of this from the local independent bookstore. Which only had one copy, and then couldn't find it for me on the shelves. After a bit of fruitless searching, some foot-tapping, sighing, and eye-rolling, I told the clerk "this is your cue to offer to special-order it for me." Honestly, here I am getting off my ass and going into a bookstore instead of 1-clicking the thing from Amazon, which would have been easier, faster, and cheaper. That bookstore should be kissing my feet, instead of wasting my time. Fuckers.

And now? Blogger has added word verification to the posting process. So when I--the princess of punctuation--realize that I left out a comma, I have to go through all that rigmarole to fix it. Honestly, Blogger ... what's with the passive-aggression? If you want me to move to Typepad, just say so.


  1. I was going to mention that I'm really into candles and hardwood floors...

  2. No candles!

    Well, actually I have some little votive candles. But they're not scented. I hate scented candles. HATE THEM.

    But for you? I'll rip up the new carpeting.

  3. So Poppy, are you going to put chocolates or other goodies on each guest's pillows? Fresh flowers in each room?

    I jest, I jest. I think working lights and reasonably clean toilets are good enough.

    You ladies are making me feel all left out that I'm not coming to BlogHer! I hope it's a great time for all and that you have fun visiting each other.

  4. They did what?! I just posted something this morning and didn't notice anything funny.

  5. Go back and ask if they have any Adam Smith.


    P.S. You can try, but you cannot escape your Goldwater genes...

  6. word verif for posting? I haven't found that either. It must be a plot against you. STAY STRONG! Stay in the light! I'm pulling for you!!

    And enjoy those bloggers. I for one am very jealous.


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