Monday, July 23, 2007

It's good enough for astronauts. But not good enough for me.

Say I decide that too much cork is bad for me, (see below) and I'm going to stop drinking the wine with the little life rafts bobbing around in it. What do I chose to drink? On a hot summer day? A nice refreshing Diet Coke.

But now, scientists have conspired to make that sound like a bad idea, too.

So ... what's left? Soy milk? Bubble Tea? Tang?


  1. Liars! All of them! Diet Coke is the nectar of the gods and there is nothing anyone or any study can say to convince me otherwise! Hmph!

  2. Wait a minute. Did I miss the part where you swore off your beloved PMSU? Dude, with the cherry it's practically a meal in a glass!

  3. First of all, scientists are miserable social misfits who want the rest of us to be all that and more. How else to explain the whole "Diet Coke will kill you" phenomenon. They had me with trans fats. They lost me with Diet Coke.

    Buy a new bottle of wine, pop the cork, and belly up to the bar. Life's too short, and it gets shorter every day.

  4. I personally will be sticking with rum & Cokes and will vary the routine on occasion with screwdrivers when I need the Vitamin C.

  5. Life's too short to waste it on bad food and drink. Invest in a wine bottle spout; they have a sweet little built in strainer. They are perfect for those who cannot seem to properly open a bottle of wine. Like my own hubby.

  6. Drink the wine, swallow the cork, eat fat, sit in the sun, have a cigar, wash it all down with a Diet Coke.

    Beats going to the hospital and dying of NOTHING.


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