Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fifteen minutes of Poppy

Hey, Internet, the way things are going, you're going to be able to say you knew me when, before fame and fortune had me receiving a standing ovation on my much ballyhooed Oprah appearance, performing at the White House, having my private parts cast in plaster by groupies, and ending up bloated, purple, and dead on a toilet like Elvis.

Or, in the terse version: I'm getting really famous.

But don't worry; I remain the same old lovable Poppy Buxom. Ask anyone in Newtopia and you'll hear how I'm constantly being spotted picking out produce at my local supermarket, shopping at the Gap, dropping my kids off at school in the morning, and gassing up the minivan just like everyone else.

But don't let my I'm-just-a-housewife shtick fool you, because the honors and the kudos just keep flooding in. For example, this week my total weight loss reached five pounds, so I am the recipient of the coveted Weight Watchers Five Pounds Sticker.

I'm also in two magazines this month. I'm making a cameo appearance in Chicago Social and I'm also appearing in North Shore Magazine along with fellow North Shore bloggers John of Marathon Pundit, Localvores, Jim of StarbucksGossip, and ChaosDigest. We'll be there all month! Please tip your waitress!

Last but not least, I also received the You Make Me Smile award from Jen of Jen on the Edge and an honorable mention from Suzanne of Perfecting the Fine Art of Procrastination, two notable bloggers. (Girls, just so you know, I've got a jar of Vaseline and a bag of plaster ready to mix up any time you say the word.)


  1. Congrats on the weight loss! You're a pound ahead of me, thus far.

    As far as the plaster cast of your privates goes, um, thanks but I think I'll pass. Too disturbing on too many levels to even contemplate...

    Good for a giggle though.

  2. Poppy Plaster Caster DOES have a nice ring to it....

  3. Fine - now I have someone else to be jealous of. I'll add you to the list. I had a bunch of those stickers, by the way; but the WW police came and snatched them away from me when I gained back a bunch of pounds. Maybe you have my old ones. I blame my teenage daughter for the weight gain - when someone is standing there telling me I am old and stupid, I tend to reach for the chocolate.

  4. Couldn't you just photocopy your ass instead of casting it in plaster? But don't send it to me. :-)

    Congrats on all the other good stuff though.

  5. And... God... I... I... I spoke with Poppy Buxom on the phone!

    Well... my life is complete now.


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