Monday, September 17, 2007

In which Poppy confesses to a new obsession

with tile.

Yes, at the moment, for me, it's All About Tile. Tile 'R' Us. We be tile. Stone, ceramic, whichever, it's a stoned soul picnic around these parts, and it's not happening on a picnic blanket. It's happening on a bunch of TILE.

I notice tile everywhere I go.

In fact, that's all I notice.

Dinner out with Mr. Buxom? New sushi place? Music of the Baroque concert afterwards? Many, many hours of Haydn's The Seasons? You are nothing to me. I was looking at the floor.

I am not shitting you. Give me the slightest bit of encouragement and I'll tell you all about the bathroom floor of the Methodist church in Evanston, Illinois. If you really make nice, I'll describe the tile on the walls, too.

What? You need proof? OK.

As we were leaving the concert, I serenaded Mr. Buxom with the following:

What tile is this, that's laid to rest
Upon my bathroom flo-o-r
Is this the prettiest I could pick,
or should I have shopped some more?

Mr. Buxom assures me the concert was excellent.

I'm so glad the ticket money wasn't wasted.


  1. And where are the pictures? Have you no camera in your mobile phone? Come, woman, show us the true depths of your obsession by posting pics of the tiles in a baroquely-echoing Methodist church bathroom!

  2. I TOTALLY pay attention to tile now, where I could care less before. Seriously, I am such a tile snob now too. I can tell when people cut corners and tried to do it themselves. That's what tile will do to you. ;)

  3. I'm going to get some people together.
    We need an intervention.

  4. Alcohol can cure this, y'know...

  5. oh dear lord, you sound like i did a year ago... we redid everything... soup to nuts and i spent wayyy too much time obsessing on tile and everything else!

  6. There's only one way to deal with this: Get a job at a tile shop. You'll cure your obsession quickly and you'll then be too busy working to start hankering after light fixtures or something else.

  7. It's amazing how a person can live 4 decades or so and never even realize that there is this whole alternate tile universe out there. I mean, there are people who know everything about tile, and it all matters to them. And if you talk to them for a mere half hour, it starts mattering to you, too. Maybe it's like being bitten by a bat and turning into a vampire, you think? Because it happened to my husband when we were redoing our kitchen, and it's frightening.

  8. Tile! Tile was all my joy...

    The only cure, really, is the high-pitched insanity-inducing sound of the tile saw when they start putting it in.

  9. Tile? You're still obsessing over tile?

    That will all change. Once you have to choose grout color and width you will rise to the ranks of the grout obsessed.

    P.S. Go for narrow grout. Choose only dark grey grout. It will never look dirty and cleanup will be a proverbial snap.

    I have rehabbed and learned.


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