Friday, October 26, 2007


You know, being homeless isn't all that bad, except for the personal trainers.

See, I'm spending a lot of time at the gym. A lot. Like two or three hours a day.

The other day I was approached by the chief personal trainer, who introduced herself and asked whether I had thought about using a personal trainer.

I told I had, and in fact, had used one.

Then she wanted to know whether I would be interested in having my workouts be more efficient and effective.

I told her no, I wasn't.

"I'm only here because I'm homeless. The work outs are OK, but they're not as important to me as the showers. And the toilets."

For some reason she left before I could tell all about how I'm living in my car.


  1. Hee! Do we have an ETA for the move back?

  2. You know what I find makes my workouts more efficient and effective? If people don't stop me to ask stupid questions.

  3. you are so fucking funny.
    I spewed cocoa out my nose.

  4. But! You're homeless with STYLE. You've got the great black purse and great shoes and your iPod.

  5. BTW if ever you want your stairs replaced just give me a call. I do that now.

  6. You will have a new improved home and a new improved bod. What more could one want?

  7. In Miami there are showers on the beach. I lived in my car for a month and I've never been cleaner.


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