Saturday, October 13, 2007

I love ...

... the sofas in the living room. I'm currently on the shmancy one that came with five pillows. Fabulous when you're feeling feeble. And I am.

... being propped up by pillows, especially when I feel like a tubercular soprano in the third act of the opera.

... wireless DSL. On the sofa. With my feet up.

... tea. My fifth mug today, but who's counting?

... flowers. I have yellow roses in a low bowl on the dining room table and two dozen long-stemmed red roses in a vase in the living room. It doesn't bother me at all that there's a certain hospital room flavor to all these roses.

... that I didn't actually hurl at this morning's spin class. Even though it felt like I was going to.


  1. Holy Moly! You went to a spinning class on a Saturday morning? I consider it a major accomplishment if I brush my hair before 10:00. Good for you!

  2. Can I come hang out in your living room? I need a break.

  3. I have missed some posts here somewhere... you're learning how to... spin?? As in like a muslim dervish or do you sit down and turn a wheel??

  4. I'm sensing a theme here...

    Saturday was spent on the sofa? All of Saturday or just part of it? Did you spend the earlier part of the day schlepping children hither and yon or just go straight to the sofa from your breakfast?

  5. I'm a slug. And a reluctant spinner.

    The spinning class (this very new, cutting-edge fitness thing has only been around for 15 years or so, which is why RW hasn't heard of it) was something I got talked into by the same friend who talked me into going to a party the night before. In fact, the entire spinning class had been at the party. And I was the least hungover of the bunch.

    Then, after almost throwing up and/or fainting because spinning is a whole new level of workout for me, I came back to my trusty sofa. And spent a long time there.

    When I got home, my entire family was sitting around on their asses. In their PJs. Playing with laptops.

    You know, what I would ordinarily be doing.

    We are all such GEEKS. Sometimes it makes me mental.


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