Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm not dead yet.

But I'm still homeless. And posting from the library.

Today I came in to check my email and research granite counter top edge styles. Yes, styles with an s. You can get Full bullnose, demi bullnose, eased edge, Ogee, you name it.

Who knew? Gee, in my other kitchens this kind of decision was made for me. And I preferred it that way. Because I'm not so good at making decisions.

Like the other day. Remember annoying Personal Trainer lady? Well (first bad decision) I agreed to talk to her again about using up the 12 personal trainer sessions I paid for and haven't managed to use (second bad decision). Because of being busy and homeless and caught up in this whole granite edge decision-making process.

I mean, just typing the details in is wearing me right the hell out.

So anyway. Next thing you know, I've signed on for six months of personal training. (third bad decision) Because? I need (I guess) to partake in a sprint Triathlon (fourth and I hope final bad decision).

So. You see what I mean about me and making decisions.


And now I know why people find it hard to depart from the state of homelessness. It's because it's far too easy to become overwhelmed. Because here I am in the public library blogging about my bad decisions, and you know what? A park bench and a bottle of cheap hooch is sounding PRETTY DAMNED GOOD.


  1. yeah (she says with dry sarcasm), on a park bench with a bottle of hooch is how I see you...

  2. So what is a sprint triathlon? Unless it's a three-part drinking competition, I'm thinking this can't be a good idea.

  3. Yes, I'm glad granite counters are permanent; because I never want to go through all those stupid decisions again.

    Feeling adrift, just a bit? It's amazing how little it takes to unmoor us, you know? How quickly we can go from being a sane, productive person to being completely confused and at sea. Our sanity hangs by a thread, people; just don't think about it too much, or you'll go crazy.

  4. Good Lord woman, get over to your house and light a fire under those contractors!! Signing up for more training sessions is just wrong. You need your home back pronto!

  5. A triathalon!? Oh no. No, no, no.

  6. bb: Don't worry; I'll save you a space.


    (get it????)

    A sprint triathlon is the amuse geule of triathlons.

    In a sprint, you swim half a mile, bike 12.4 miles, and run 3.1 miles (a 5K).

    suburbanc: Oh, yeah. Like today is Halloween. Try doing Halloween out of your car. Plus I feel so guilty. I'm not giving out any candy.

    heather: I'm not going to anger the construction gods by lighting any fires. They're all off cleaning up some big mess someone produced on a different project. I don't want gallons of water flooding mine.

    Wendy: Don't worry--it's a only a mini-me triathlon. But I still get to call myself a triathlete.


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