Friday, November 23, 2007

NaBloPoMo 23: That crashing sound is me, falling off the wagon

It's 1:20 in the afternoon.

I've eaten three pieces of pie. Two apple (that I baked) and one pumpkin (that my father-in-law baked.)

All with whipped cream.

That's all I've eaten today. Fuck Weight Watchers! Today I'm on the pie diet!


  1. The Pie Diet, as developed by Poppy Buxom. Will you write a book and take the show on the road?

  2. Poppy, I feel a bond here: All I want these days is pie and vodka. Shockingly, I haven't lost a tenth of a pound (whatever that means) all week.

  3. See, if you do ALL the cooking and if all the food you make is hyper-yummy, then there will be little left over for you to eat.

    It's an elegant thing.


  4. Poppy I am SURE those slices of pie did not put you over your points for the day, lol. Pie and Vodka sound ok sarah but I have rum cake; and it's not the kind where you can pretend to have cooked all the alcohol out. Why the hell bother??

  5. Joke, how many pies did you have to bake for 50 people? We had four pies for 11 ... and of course, my children decided that they'd prefer Triple Chocolate Dove ice cream bars. Communists.

  6. My fat-ass in-laws ate all the pies--all the crappy store-bought pies. Every last slice. I have returned from Thanksgiving to make pies so I can eat them. I envy you, Poppy Buxom. I covet your pie diet.


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