Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Betty (High-Tech) Spaghetti

Am I lame?

I'm about to post some pictures of the renovated rooms.

But first, allow me to describe to you what I had to go through in order to do this. First, I had to find my camera, and I did. It was in the brown bag I'm not carrying these days because my snow boots are black.

OK, got the camera. Then I checked to see whether it still had a charge, because if I had to find the charging apparatus, all bets were off. But it was charged.

Then I went around and took a few photographs. OK, Ansel Adams I'm not (I'm really more of a Cindy Sherman type, anyway.

Then I had to find the cable to attach the camera to my laptop. In an amazing burst of inspiration (seriously, Archimedes in his bath had nothing on me) I check the contents of one of the suitcases that I packed and brought up from the city and hadn't had time to unpack. Voila!

Then I went upstairs and got my laptop's power cord, because God knows I don't want the stupid laptop to crap out while I'm trying to upload pictures.

Then I figure that I might as well bring down the Macintosh laptop because when I found my camera cable, I also found the USB cord for the iPod, and what a miracle that was. Also my cell phone charger, because the stupid thing is about to start beeping LOW BATTERY at me any second now.

So then I bring it all downstairs to the dining room table. Many people prefer to eat in the kitchen. They believe that the old-fashioned dining room is dead as Marley's ghost. But I say nay. The wireless connection is much stronger in the dining room. So here I am in the dining room with two laptops, two power cords, one camera cable, a cordless phone because the fucking thing keeps ringing, an iPod, an iPod cable, a cell phone charger, a credit card (why? I have no idea) and a partridge in a pear tree.

And now I'm about to upload pictures.

I hope you're happy.


  1. And we all thank you profusely for going through this extraordinary level of effort for us.

  2. I feel special, oh so special, I feel special, and meshial, and gay!


    Yes, we thank you. And I would like your laptop please.


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