Friday, December 21, 2007

It's Friday. I should be on the way to the gym.

I promised pal Fiddledeedee that I'd go.

But I think it's about time I really addressed this Christmas situation.

I mean, all the rest of you are busy, busy, busy. Joke's even baking cookies, and Joke, like most good cooks, hates to bake. Badger's flashing the neighbors. And blackbird is putting us all to shame.

I could spend all day reading people's blogs and feeling inadequate. But FINE, people. I get the hint. So today I'm going to:

1. Order Amazon gift cards for all my kids' teachers.
2. Order Amazon gift cards for my relatives.
3. Order an Ikea gift card for my sister-in-law.
4. Order Christmas flowers for my mother and sister.
5. Order stocking stuffers for my kids.
6. Order a surprise for a friend who reads this blog, so shhhhhhh!
7. Go out and buy new bathrobes for everyone. One of them will be my husband's birthday present. Which was Wednesday.
8. Go out and buy my husband a GPS system for his birthday. Again, two days ago.
9. Make sure we have all the ingredients for Friday pizza night.
10. Send out some Christmas cards.
11. Mail a package to my brother-in-law.
12. Make my grocery list, and as I'm out and about, pick up items from it.
13. Do something about my dining room, which looks drab and colorless now that I've removed all the shit that doesn't belong there.
14. BUY BATTERIES because God knows the window candles won't last the season without reinforcements.
15. Write thank-you notes to people who have given me stuff or been amazingly kind.

On Saturday I will:

1. Send out more Christmas cards.
2. Bake cookies for Santa, and not incidentally, my children.

On Sunday I will:

1. Go to church and choir rehearsal.

On Monday I will:

1. Go to church, singing at the 8:00 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. services.

On Tuesday, I will:

1. Fall into bed about 2:00 a.m.


  1. Here is where I am ahead of you -

    * teacher gifts (Nordstom gift cards) done and delivered

    *most cards sent out (look for yours, with a scratched out error on it because I forgot to order extra envelopes)

    Ok, that's it... no gift for my husband as of yet which means it may have to be a coupon book full of redeemable blow jobs... which means I best get shopping because that's no way to start '08.

  2. Is every married woman I know buying her husband a GPS? Really?

  3. If you get all of that done today? You are my new hero.

  4. Jasmine, I'm not. Mine is getting books, DVDs, and other geekery.

    Poppy, if you get through this list today, I'll get down on my knees and bow to the Goddess Poppy.

  5. Hell, I go to the Post Office AND the bank on the same day and I need a nap.


    P.S. I'm glad you'll be in town a bit longer, because like an IDIOT I just realized that your Christmas card (the usual handwritten A-List stuff, you'll be pleased to note) stayed stuck at the bottom of my attache' case. So it may be a while in transit.

  6. This Christmas, because I'm so far behind with everything...I'm sending my cards for New Years!! The benefit is that, I can send a calendar that people will keep all year....they can put it up in the bathroom or on the's helpful and an easy gift to send. Also, I can send New Year's wishes and I'll probably be the only mail received....

    I have over a hundred cards to send....I have an automated system, I even have my lists in groups....I've just been busy with customers and other networking and social events. I'll send them next week!!

    Enjoy your holidays!!

  7. That sounds like marvelously efficient gift-giving, to me. Good plan!

  8. Is that all?

    Good lord, you'll passs out well before 2 am on Tuesday.

    Good luck with all that.


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