Monday, December 03, 2007

Like Water for Grout, or, Poppy Tries to Get Artistic

Cell phones are kewl! I can play Sonic the Hedghog. And make little videos. And text people. But the best thing is its photographic abilities! Behold, the kitchen, not-quite-after:

And the ceiling light in the downstairs bathroom. With random hot pink patches!

And the downstairs bathroom, cunningly accessorized by a ladder and the guy getting water so he can mix more grout.

Amazing, right?

Luckily for the future of American manufacturing, my phone makes telephone calls, too.


  1. Anytime you can work a construction workers bum into your blog, you're doing alright!

  2. Tell us about the bathroom light. What are the colored bits on the bottom?

  3. Countdown to Friday... t-minus one less random butt in your house.

    It's all looking so gorgeous!

  4. I was wondering where the bum crack was....


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