Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Post-renovation Pictures!

It's all over except for the towel racks. And the shower doors. And there isn't any glass in the fronts of the cabinets yet. And the handles aren't installed yet, either. But let's not let these little things ruin a good photo op.

The downstairs bathroom.

Downstairs bathroomDownstairs bathroom, chandelier
Downstairs bathroom

And now, my favorite part of the new kitchen. The floor.

Kitchen floor.

Because it's not rotting.

Finally, my daughter's bathroom:

Daughter's sink, medicine cabinet, overhead light

Daughter's bathroom, tub/shower

Daughter's bathroom, tub/shower

Daughter's bathroom, tub/shower

Daughter's bathroom, tub/shower

Daughter's new toilet

Daughter's bathroom floor


  1. it's all just so gorgeous. i'm looking around feeling extremely inferior. ugh.

  2. Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm moving in to your daughter's bathroom.

  3. It is all way pretty, and I'm sure there's a very good reason why the Young Miss needs every single variety of children's hair product known to man.

  4. hotfess and badge--Yeah, I know. The cleaners started with her bathroom, and when they were getting rid of the plaster dust in the rest of the place, I moved all her shampoos and conditioners in and lined them up. And even I was amazed at how many she'd accumulated. And I bought them.

    Fannie--I feel you. If I had my druthers I'd be in her tub right now.

    citta--Trust me. If you want to feel better, click on the pictures to get to my Flickr account. The problem with renovations is they make the rest of the house look terrible. And the rest of my house already looked like doodoo.

  5. So do you just sit around and smell your daughters head?

    We tend to use tropical punch and watermelon over here...mmm, fakey fruity flavours on clean kid head!

    I love your bathrooms.

  6. Heh, heh, nekkid fishy lady, heh, heh. Seriously, just beautiful. I have kitchen envy now. Mr. Mac Frugal is going to hate you for putting these ideas in my head.

  7. Your girl and I have the same shade of blue in our bathrooms. I, however, do not have Day-of-the-Week shampoo.

  8. So pretty. So so pretty. Love the glossy kitchen floor. Totally diggin' on the retro black and white tile action.


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