Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Weigh in Wednesday: 175

Today I pulled myself up by my (big, fat) bootstraps and went to a Weight Watchers meeting. It was my first since November 28th, when I discovered I had gained weight at Thanksgiving. "What a surprise!" I murmured to myself, "usually sitting around on my butt eating highly caloric food has no effect whatsoever on my weight. I'd better watch what I eat--and exercise more. Yeah, that's the ticket."

Then the madness that is part-time Christmas singing kicked in.

Accordingly, the next Wednesday, I had a lunchtime singing engagement and couldn't make my meeting.

The Wednesday after that, it was my birthday. I debated going to my meeting, but decided that the chances were extremely slim (hee!) that anyone was going to give me any cake, so I said the hell with it and stayed home. So as not to be a complete slacker, I weighed myself on my bathroom scale. I had no idea how accurate my scale is, and was therefore delighted to discover that by its very low standards of accuracy, I had lost six pounds. My jeans knew that this was obviously a big lie, bu I played along. I didn't want to injure my scale's self-esteem. And anyway, happy birthday to me, right?

This brings us up to today. I bit the bullet, went to my meeting, and got weighed. I weighed 175, which is 1.4 pounds less than the Wednesday after Thanksgiving, and is actually pretty good, considering that for weeks now, I haven't been tracking my points or working out or doing much of anything except charging around singing Christmas music--at least, when I'm not busy putting our lives back together in our new, post-renovation house.

Or getting ready for Christmas. Which--OK--all I've done is trim the tree and get cards, but still.

But anyway, there you have it. I'm still fat, but not as whale-like as I was in August, when this adventure began.


  1. - so basically you need to keep renovating the house.

  2. Does carol singing count as negative points?

  3. I think at this point in the year, holding steady is about the best we can all hope for, unless someone is going to be super fanatical about it.

    Thus sayeth the woman who just had ginger snaps as a large part of lunch.

  4. You're doing better than me. 2 more weeks and I have to go turn myself in, probably weighing the same amount as I weighed when I first joined in January 2006. I'm not looking forward to it.

    How come you never mention your kids in your blog? Just curious.

  5. bb: Take thy beak from out my heart!

    rw: Personally, I think carol singing should be worth at least as many activity points as walking at a pace of three miles an hour. But shesh! Try to get those WW Nazis to agree. They claim I don't work up enough of a sweat. Hey, I sweat plenty.

    jen: I have fallen into the "for the kids" trap. As in, "I will buy these festive Hershey kisses for the kids. I forget that phrase should always have the phrase "and then eat most of them myself" tacked onto the end, the way you add "between the sheets" to a Chinese fortune cookie fortune.

    suburbanc: Nonsense! I just did. OK, I talked about buying them candy, but still. OK, you're right. I don't talk about them very much. But that's because I'm far more interesting. Really. I am. And if they don't agree--hey, they can write their own damned blogs.

  6. If you keep singing and renovating, pretty soon you'll be down to being Poppy the Porpoise, with your own animated series.



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