Tuesday, January 08, 2008

And I thought the way my wrap skirts fall off was embarrassing

I took a "which presidential candidate should you support" quiz at GoToQuiz. No, I won't link to the quiz. I won't do it that much of a favor. I'm pissed off at it.

OK, I found it on Belinda's blog. If you want to take the quiz, stop by her place for the link. Tell her I said hello.

Or don't. Because I just found out I'm a pariah. It turns out that I, a card-carrying donation-making Democrat, do not support Hillary Clinton. (Well, of course I don't. Bitch is married to my boyfriend.) Hillary was in the number two spot, though. Guess who was number one?

No, not Barack O'Boyfriend.


I can't remember the last time I voted for a Republican. Actually, I don't think I ever have.

I have no idea how that happened. None. But I blame the quiz. Because the questions are all about "hot-button" issues. And hot-button issues don't really interest me.

Like immigration. My ancestors immigrated a long time ago, so even if there was some law-breaking going on at some point--even if old Isaac Stearns shaved a year off his apprenticeship and got the right to vote illegally--my nose is clean. I get grandfathered in. (Get it? Grandfathered?) So who am I to act high and mighty about the current crop of law-breakers?

Abortion? Look, if people would stop having sex all the time, there wouldn't be so many unwanted pregnancies. Honestly, what's with all the fucking? What are you, people, anyway--animals?

Health care? Hey, going to the doctor sucks no matter who's paying for it.

Iraq? Well, yes, what an international diplomacy love-fest that's been. But now that we're in up to our armpits, do I have a solution? No, I do not. And therefore, I think it's unfair for me to expect all those Presidential candidates (and really, who the hell are these guys, anyway?) to have one.

But John McCain? You know who supports John McCain?



  1. We are all turning into our mothers - which, for me, is not too bad a deal as she has always had better legs than me.

  2. Well, you aren't going to send him a donation or anything, right?

  3. have you done the one from minnesota public radio? It only covers democrats, I think. (Well, it's minnesota!!) My top runner was Chris Dodd who has bowed out. Oh, but how I loved him the short time I knew him. Lemme see if I can find the link for you...well, not a quick google search apparently, but I'll find it at work (it's on the work blog which I somehow can't remember the link to...)

    oh, and my fam and I are diametrically opposed in the whole politics thing. Everyone voted the opposite of me except my aunt. They think I'm crazy. Oh well.

  4. The resignation to the fact we all turn into our mothers is best taken with a very very large vodka.

  5. I thought I was a Hillary fan too, so I'm taking this quiz and if I come out supporting McCain either a) the quiz is rigged or b) McCain merits a closer look or c) I'm a hypocrite.

  6. groan. Biden was my guy. Figures.

  7. The quiz is CLEARLY flawed. I took it and I know for a fact that Attila the Hun is not running this year.


  8. Maybe you're growing as a person?



    I don't know. I don't like anybody.

  9. Well, I took it and I got


    I don't even know who he is.

    Much less that he was/is running for Preznit.

  10. Mike Gravel. Never heard of him, but apparently we're soul mates. I should probably read up on him so that I can become his #1 stalker.

  11. Thanks in advance for letting me steal this.

    Nyah, nyah, Barack's my O'Boyfriend!

  12. So, um, which issues do you vote on? Looks? Charisma? I always figure you have to get someone likeable, so he/she can get Congress to do what they want.

  13. Right on the nailhead there suburbancorrespondent... people will insist on believing the president runs the country. Actually all we need is someone who doesn't make the whole country look stupid.

  14. dudes, if you have to support a Republican, better McCain than anyone else. He's a stand-up guy with brains and integrity, which is waaaay more than i can say for Mitt Stepford Romney or any of the other Republican slimeballs (Guiliani) or freaks (Huckabee).

    That said, I am voting for Barack. His brains totally turn me on.

    as far as Mike Gravel goes, isn't he a Mickey Spillane hero?

  15. SuburbanC: My issue is the environment.

    I'd position myself somewhere between the PETA-vegan-Earth First/Fair Trade people and all those Republicans out there who believe that a free market is the answer to all the world's problems, and honestly, what good are the polar ice caps doing anyone anyway, just sitting there being cold and not producing a damned thing.

  16. 1- You JUST spent all your Christmas vacation in N.H.

    2- McCain just won the N.H. primary.



  17. Sad. Poppy, that's so very sad.


  18. Haha,,, ;)

    First time I've been to your site and I've got to say I like your style!
    Not American myself but if I was I'd probably be GOP material .... sad that so many of their reps are such poor examples though.
    Democrats? I actually have not seen any in the news who have not said something completely stupid and many who seem to be batshit crazy but .... that's just my take on things.

    Keep on being original and all the best to you and yours.


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