Saturday, January 12, 2008

Could it be menopause?

I just realized something. My idea of a fun day is cleaning house.

It's not that I enjoy cleaning, per se. It's that when I haven't been able to clean, because I've been so busy doing other things, cleaning develops a sort of Zen-like calming effect.

So I just cleaned out the coat closet. And straightened up the living room. And cleaned the kitchen. Where I left little tiny hand-printed signs (I used the back of my husband's business cards) around saying "ONCE PAINTED, NEVER TAINTED" and "Please no dirty dishes or tea bags in the sink--The Management"

Anal, yes. But it feels good.

And now I'm about to head downtown, where I'm going to clean up the condo. Blackbird and Susie Sunshine and Wendy will probably all try to horn in on my cleaning spree, but I saw the condo first, and it's mine, all mine.


  1. You are always welcome to take it on the road and come clean my house. I'm only a 14 hour drive away.

  2. You may not have realized it, but this entry has given the Google perverts a field day.


  3. It wasn't cleaning - it was the preparty.

    By the way, I tightened the screws on the dining room chair armrests. One was getting a little wiggly. That's my Zen.

  4. gosh you bitches are fast...I'm at the fekking airport where THERE ARE NO FLIGHTS AND EVERYONE IS PISSED. But I just want to say that I did the mirrors and scoured the sink and washed the dishes.

  5. it's not menopause, it's clearly insanity.

    Give Bbird a big fat hug for me, wouldja? I know how she loves that...


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