Monday, January 07, 2008

Poppy writes a prescription

I'm not a doctor, but I know a sure cure when I see one.

So I'm going to pretend to be a doctor, and write a prescription for my readers, many of whom, (through some amazing coincidence) happen to be mothers generously blessed in the humor department.

If you're having a bad day, go read this. It's from finslippy's blog. Check out the comments.

I was ready to type in an entry today. My subject was going to be the combination of the two females of this household, a deadline, and a dearth of properly-working computer software and peripherals.

Why the good lord has been unusually lavish, even for Him, in the area of computers (six at last count, in a household with only four inhabitants--which, yes, seems excessive) yet doesn't see fit to bless me with a working copy of Microsoft Word or a printer that actually prints, I do not know. I was therefore planning on exploring these matters in a blog entry, the working title of which was "The Permission Slip Follies." The entry would have featured an accurate portrayal of a certain grimness, seasoned with anxiety and panic, and would have ended with both parties bursting into tears.

However, I have now read every single one of the over 160 comments to that entry of finslippy's, and now I don't need to vent.

Check it out. In fact, bookmark it. I'm the doctor, and finslippy? Is the pharmacist.


  1. I'm going to bookmark that and ready it every time I think I'm about to get the Joan Crawford Mother of the Year Award.

  2. I read every one of them and I realized that I am, indeed, the best mother in the universe. No, really.


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