Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Answer to an Age-Old Question

That being, "Can you really ever have enough of lying around in your pajamas surfing the internet?"

Well, people, the answer is yes, indeed you can.

I've compared the cornucopia of widgets available for dressing up this blog; I've added all kinds of idiotic applications to my FaceBook page; I've even gotten around to joining

I've explored the limitless possibilities of iGoogle and played probably two full hours of Tetris on my brand-spanking-new iGoogle page.

I've bugged all of you to be my friends on every social networking site known to man.

I was switching over from Bloglines to Google Reader when it finally hit me; the internet was acting like virtual cold medicine, and I was acting the way I do when I'm high on pseudoephedrine and start alphabetizing the spice rack.

It is time for a full recovery. Before all of you come over here and virtually TP my house.

And internet, I love you, but when you get all those emails asking you to be my friend on Yet Another Social Networking site? Feel free to tell me to fuck off.


  1. I haven't gotten any emails from you, but fuck off anyway!

    There. Did that help?

  2. I do hope this means your back is better.

  3. My rule of thumb has become if my college age child or high schooler is on it I do NOT belong there. Why in god's name did I have myspace, facebook, etc. I joined, signed up and realized I had NO 13 year old girls to argue with, pimply boys to leave comments for, frat brothers to say YO to and if I REALLY felt the need to monogram everything in sight and paint it pink and green I would have already.
    ]Go cold turkey Poppy,delete those bookmarks, forget those passwords, have a drink and CALL someone you actually know. And I love that you played Tetris, I spent a little bit of time with Bookworm but will not say HOW long. OMG, this is like an email not a comment. I need to stop also.

  4. SuburbanC: Definitely. Behavior like mine is a cry for help.

    Badger: Thank you. I feel SO MUCH BETTER. It's true. It's like you've become my sister.

    daysgoby: OMG the wine is AWESOME. If I didn't care about the state of my liver, I'd drink it all day. It's from New Zealand. We had this red shite the other night--Turkey something or other--sooo yummy and full of berries. And last night we had fish for dinner and some white wine from Malborough NZ--equally good.

    blackbird: Actually, not that much. A little bit. I'm not taking Advil by the handful any more, but I'm on my fourth or fifth day of basically not moving, and the household detritus is threatening to swallow me whole.

    gabe: Very good point about the 13 year olds. I thought about sending my nephews friends requests just to fuck with their heads, but decided to act mature for once and skip it. They'd find out about my blog and tell my mother and I'd get in trouble.

  5. Well, I'm glad you've spent too much time in bed (sorry about the back thing) because otherwise I wouldn't be the proud owner of MORE COWBELL!

    I'll send you something equally meaningful as soon as I figure out more Facebook junk...

  6. You can invite me anywhere you want. You added me to your blogroll. I am now someone.

    Are you using a straw for your wine so you can stay flat on your back? If not, let me know, and I'll stop by while I'm in town next week and hold your glass for you so you don't spill.

    Or was that a little too much hero worship?


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