Sunday, February 24, 2008

Go ahead and watch the Oscars. I'm busy reading.

And if you wanted to get me to watch the Oscars, you'd have to rip this

out of my immaculately manicured hands.

It showed up on Saturday. An autographed copy sent to me by the author.

Envy me as I get first crack at it, because the rest of you proles won't be able to see it until May.

It cost me a Little Debbie Snack Cakes Barbie--but it was well worth it.

I mean, just for the part where Jen, on her first evening's dose of Ambien, ordered what appears to have been a bushel of Barbies from

So far? I. am. loving. it.

I didn't have time to start reading until after rehearsal today, but I read non-stop waiting for my husband to pick me up, then all the way from Huron and Rush to a Whole Foods in Sauganash, and then whined about grocery shopping so much that he told me to stay in the car and read while he did it--anything not to listen to the whining*--and now I'm about to start again.

I've made it through Jen in denial, Jen on Atkins, and Jen thinking about South Beach. I can not WAIT for Jen to join Weight Watchers. It should be really good.

I'll keep you posted. Now go look at gowns or something.

* Jen--see what a quick study I am?


  1. I have never been so jealous of anyone in my entire life. I will totally find and replace that Little Debbie Barbie in exchange for 1 day with that book :)

  2. Seriously, what can we bribe you with to borrow that book for a few days? I really don't want to wait until May. [whine whine whine]

  3. Damn, I knew we should have invited her to the Reagle Beagle last week. I could have plied her with wine and cheese and bread and gotten my own copy. (Or conked her on the head and stolen one!)

  4. Dagnabit. I am ITCHING for my copy of that book. ITCHING. You torment me, Poppy.

  5. Curling up into a ball and crying from envy right now.

  6. Green with envy. Counting the days until May when she gets to Atlanta.

  7. That bushel of Barbies just showed up on my doorstep for Ellie. She claims that they were styled to look like Russian figure skaters, but a few of them look more like Russian hookers. Of course, Ellie thinks they're fabulous.


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