Monday, February 11, 2008


Saturday night was Chicago's 103rd annual Twelfth Night Masque. Lots of costumes, lots of skits mocking current events.

We went as judges. This is because we had already attained fame and fortune long ago--due to our touching reenactment of the William Kennedy Smith post-Au-Bar beach pas-de-deux. That's how long ago it was ... 1991.

So now we're judges. We're grown-ups. We get to decide who wins and who dies. Plus, in the Grand March, the smart people bribe the judges, so you get lots of loot. I got ten bucks. And an Obama sticker. And a pair of red plastic handcuffs.

Now I don't have to figure out what to give Mr. Buxom for Valentine's Day.

Then the skits started. There was one with Obama and Hillary doing the Time Warp and ending up with the original cast of Saturday Night Live--here are Steve Martin and Jane Curtin and her floor wax.

But because it was a time warp, Britney Spears showed up, too.

(He won Best Costume--Male.)

Then the other big skit. This also evoked a 1970s disco theme:

You have to love the Afro. And the guy dressed as a CHIPS outfit.

It was pointed out to me that this Elvis was a 1970s Elvis, and therefore was period-correct. Thank goodness for that, or I would have had to take points off. Here he's performing next to Monica Lewinsky.

Here Monica and Hillary smooch. Unfortunately my cell phone didn't capture the actual embrace. Honestly! How can I become a paparazzo without a decent camera??

Oh, and it was black tie. Want to see what I was wearing?


  1. So for Valentine's Day you're going to slap that Obama sticker on and greet your husband at the door with a smile?

    Be careful where the sticker goes or else it's going to hurt like hell when That Stud Muffin You Married rips it off.

  2. Sigh. I miss the creme de la creme of Chicago.

  3. What fun! Those are some groovy costumes--and great handcuffs;)

  4. Uhm, you've got a little something... right there... on your nose. Got it!

  5. Great lipstick you're wearing! Is it Nars?

  6. Mr Buxom's going to spend the entire day wondering where to put that sticker...


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