Thursday, February 28, 2008

We are too soon old. And too late smart.

You know, you'd think I'd have figured this out long before now. But no. No, every night it's meat, at least one fresh green vegetable, and starch, all cooked from scratch. And usually, there are two vegetables, and sometimes I cook something extra--salad, usually, but sometimes biscuits or corn bread or some such.

I realize this is not particularly impressive.

But once in a while I'll check out one of those weekly menus you see in women's magazines. And I'm always amazed at what slop some women will place upon a table and call "dinner."

Well, OK, tonight I decide to go lowest common denominator. Tonight the children's dinner was grilled cheese sandwiches, Campbell's soup, milk, and fresh fruit.



  1. I like to do pancake night. But not when K is in town.

    They pair nicely with a crisp Pinot.

  2. You're really slumming it, I guess. Can I come to dinner at your house?

  3. There's this little blog maybe you should's called Horrifying Foodstuffs, ever heard of it??

    'Cause you know, the Campbells soup is a slippery slope, m'friend, a slippery slope.....

  4. bb: Oh, pancke night was my FAVORITE whenever TSMIM was out of town. Or we'd have gingerbread with applesauce and a glass of milk.

    Now that my son is growing hand-over-hand like someone going up a rope ladder, he wants more protein.

    (Maybe pancakes and bacon?)

    suburbanc: Joke, Badger, and Kim are laughing their asses off, but sure!

    daysgoby: I KNOW. I have three cans of Campbell's Cream of Chicken soup in my cupboard. How did they get there? What fell design is theirs? I'm TREMBLING.

  5. I can make you feel better. Last night, my family ate nachos. Not a vegetable in sight. Surprisingly, I feel not one bit guilty.

  6. i routinely serve that, albeit with homemade soup and a panini for H instead of griled american on wheat bread. but then i was raised by wolves...

  7. There is nothing like a GREAT grilled cheese sandwich. Thick country bread, sharp cheddar, butter.

    I read that people end up making the same 10 dishes that their family eats. The only way to get out of the rut is trade with the people next door cuz they are eating 10 different things. I kind of agree because there is the chicken ginger thing we like, the pasta with veggies, my meatloaf, etc. Only my neighbors include a funeral home and some very very old people who get Meals on Wheels.

  8. Well I dunno - grilled cheese/tomato soup & all, though not anything I would even think about eating... EVER... hits MrsRW's "comfort food zone" right on the target. her gramma used to make it for her!

    I wouldn't underestimate a person's comfort zone.

  9. Dude, I ADORE cheese toasted sandwiches (and my kids would be lucky if there was soup as well - I mean, TWO courses!) and they are even more sensational with some very finely diced onion thrown on - for a more adult palate.

    But really?
    If we're all about the confession?
    Last week I fed my kids something called Fish Flippers.
    It took a LOT to not think of Flipper.
    And oven baked pototo chips.

    And Felix's reply, "Wow, I would have thought you'd at least of made us eat some sort of vegetable with this."

  10. And besides, you gave them fresh fruit.

  11. I don't think the food matters a bit. Up to a certain age they can eat nails and shredded newspaper and they'll still thrive. I used to babysit for a couple of boys that thrive to this day, and every now and then I'd let them cook dinner. We'd have things like bananas with marshmallows. Or popcorn and cherry soda.

    And if they woke up hungry next morning well they would usually eat whatever you fixed. And lots of it.

    So, I figure it evens out.

    Think of the crap YOU ate as a kid. Think of how well you turned out.



    p.s. you are hilarious at times, ya know?

  12. i'm going to pretend that i'm above such things (i shudder to think what the worst dinner i've served has been...).

  13. That's gourmet for me. I even served that to blackbird. And she ate it.

  14. Good lord woman, that's a balanced meal. What are you moaning about?

    Our "I'm too lazy to even head into the kitchen" meal of choice is matzoh brie. I buy a case of matzoh at Passover, when it's cheap, and at least 5 times during the year I make this ridiculously easy and highly caloric meal.

    The ingredients? Matzoh, hot water and eggs. Soak the matzoh in hot water, drain, crack about 8 eggs into the soaked matzoh, add salt and pepper, fry in butter.

    Voila. Now THAT is gourmet!


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