Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yesterday's accomplishment

It's been more than a week since I hurt my back, and I'm starting to move around much more normally now, thanks for asking.

And I'm starting to get things done.

You know the little doohickey on the bathtub faucet that goes up and down to switch from bath to shower?

Well, ours was stuck. So stuck that when I needed to take a bath, I banged it with a hammer. Then I pulled it back up with the claw end of the hammer so my husband could take a shower.

"WTF!" I thought to myself. "This faucet is only" (counts rapidly on fingers) "eight years old. How can it be broken?"

And then it struck me. It was probably rust.

So I went down to the basement and found the can of WD40. And sprayed the doohickey. And worked it up and down for a few minutes, adding a little spray from time to time. And all was well.

What does it say about me that the biggest accomplishment of my day involved an appliance, a supply of lubricant, and three minutes alone in the bathroom?


  1. LMAO some people would consider that the highlight of their day. Well... in a different context maybe. At least you had the WD40. That is one of the 3 most important things you should have in your home repair arsenal; WD40, duct tape, and a hammer.

  2. I'm impressed, actually. I would have had to play the helpless female.

  3. That depends on how badly you wanted a cigarette afterwards...

  4. I'd say you used your time very wisely!

  5. It says that your day was far better than mine.

  6. between you and joke, i am all handymanned out...

  7. I washed the kitchen windows today.
    I win.

  8. Truthfully, as I was raiding the refrigerator yesterday, I thought about you and meant to Twitter you about how your back was doing. Then the Jello-o pudding took over my brain. The stuff tastes like school paste and is equally addictive. Yes, I was one of those kids.

    I was going to comment about your last paragraph but daysgoby said it MUCH better.


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