Monday, March 10, 2008

Construction. Yes, again.

So hey! We finally decided to get on the bandwagon and destroy the environment just like everyone else in Newtopia! So we're getting air conditioning installed.

We're getting those space-pack thingies, where they put a massive compressor in the back yard, and a good-sized air circulator in the attic, and run big silvery tubes through the closets, and the only thing the casual observer notices is a few little round holes in the ceilings.

Since I've been in a decluttering fever lately, I'm taking the opportunity to freecycle all five of our window air conditioning units. Which means my porch is pretty full of old air conditioning units while I wait for someone to come take them away.

The porch is also full of space-pack stuff--big boxes of compressor-type-stuff and piles of big silver tubes and other construction crap.

My poor porch. It must hate me.

It was packed full of crap last fall when they were doing the kitchen. My refrigerator was out there for three and a half months, providing all and sundry with an exciting, never-to-be-forgotten view of its condenser coils. This gave our house a certain Sanford and Son vibe which, I'm sure, did not exactly endear us to the neighbors. When the refrigerator slouched back into the kitchen, and we moved back into the house, I stuffed the porch full of all the crap I decided I no longer wanted as I got ready to donate it to whoever would take it. And now the porch is full of a/c equipment for freecycling and old computers to donate to that place in Oak Park.

Sooner or later my long household nightmare will be over, and I'm going to have a porch again. I know that somewhere under there is some wicker furniture and a set of wind chimes to sit on/listen to while I drink Margaritas for some dimly-remembered occasion called "summer."


  1. Don't get to used to that central air.
    You'll have a humming window unit chez bird.

  2. That porch will be even sweeter after you've unloaded it and made room for margarita drinking again. I always love "reclaimed" areas better.


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