Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Day 2 at Disneyland

OK, I left you yesterday at the Budget car rental place, where we enjoyed waiting in the world's longest line to get our car. It took over an hour, and was therefore a perfect warm up for a trip to Disneyland, where waiting in line is the single most popular activity. It's true. People like waiting in line so much that whenever they see a really long line, they rush over to get in it. "This must be a great ride!" they whisper happily to their children. But the joke's on them, because the whole thing is an elaborate prank being perpetrated by members of the rec.arts.disneyparks.wait.wait.wait Usenet group.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. All I want to tell you is that on Monday, after getting up at 6:00 in the morning, departing for the airport at 7:30, getting on a 9:30 flight, landing at 12:00 or so, spending an hour waiting to get the car and another hour driving to Anaheim and another hour eating lunch while we waited to check in to our room, the Buxoms did not then rush right out to hit the parks. No, we lay around in the room like four sacks of potatoes. Why?


We were in bed--literally--at 7:30 p.m. California time, which, I hasten to add is 9:30 Chicago time. This meant that today we were up in plenty of time to take advantage of the super-early park hours for hotel guests. But did we? No, we sat around in our room eating room service breakfast.


Then we went to Disneyland. We went on two rides and visited one show. That was enough. It was incredibly crowded and the wait for the Finding Nemo ride was an hour and a half long. So we left. We went to lunch at the House of Blues restaurant.


Then some of us went back to the hotel and some of us went shopping--because we're--that's right


Then Popette and I went to get our nails done. She got red toenails with white polka dots, just like Minnie Mouse's iconic dress. Because she is stylish and fun and


unlike her mother who got boring red polish on her fingers. Which is


And then we had dinner with Joke and his wife and sons. And Poppette, who is not


prodded us into going on this really big high scary Ferris Wheel and she screamed with delight the whole time while we, the grown-ups cowered, trembled, whimpered, and wet our granny pants in abject terror.

And after that paltry one ride, it was back to the hotel for the


likes of us. And so


to bed.


  1. OK.

    "members of the rec.arts.disneyparks.wait.wait.wait Usenet group" - snigger

    "wet our granny pants in abject terror" - snort

    There's a reason we will never ever do Disney anything - and no it's not that it'd cost us about $10,000 just in airfares to get to a country with a DisneyAnything but the lines. And crowds. And queues. And the lines. And queues.

    I would so just lie in the hotel room with room service because at this stage in my life that is the epitomy of luxury.

  2. That's how WE do Disney anything.
    Not our favorite trip - done once for free and once 'so the children would remember it.'
    We rented a huge house with a pool and spent about three hours a day at the park.

    I'm falling in love with Poppette you know - and tho I know she's promised to a SOJ, I do have a fellow her age. Just in case.

  3. Bb, you conniving witch. I thought that son of yours was promised to MY daughter.

    Poppy, you are having fun, right?

  4. Hmm, maybe my kids didn't think Disney was all that great because we only went on the rides that DIDN'T have lines. Lame.

  5. Having just been to Disneyland on February break, and having stood in the cold while it rained while the darlings waited to go on The Matterhorn, and having had said darlings get off and said, "eh", next time I'm going with YOUR family!


    It was a lot more fun when we went when they were 7 and 9.

  6. We're so lame we've never taken the kids to either Disney park.

    I like being lame by design.

  7. This is the best description of a Disneyland/world visit I have ever read. But I'm still not going.

  8. Lame? sounds like the way t' do it to me. I once went to a conference without going to any but one of the sessions. Spent the whole time writing, seeing friends, walking.

    Great time.



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