Monday, March 31, 2008

The fish taco, and other delights.

That's what would cheer me up right now. A couple of juicy fish tacos, dripping with sauce.

And something needs to cheer me up. Because I'm ready to call the suicide hotline. And why is that? Well, it's because I've gone from 70 degrees and sunny to 39 degrees and raining. From roses and bird of paradise and jasmine and citrus trees in bloom to a few scraggly-looking snow drops and a lot of mud. From a beautiful hotel with room service, turn-down service, daily maid service and no clutter to a house with a dire need for not one but two post-construction projects-worth of cleaning, decluttering, and organizing. And who's wearing the maid's uniform? That's right. I am.

And on top of that, I find that Friday's lunch, the fish tacos cited above, are actually not so much a variety of foodstuff as they are a euphemism for the female genitalia, or poontang. I found this out via your comments.*

This means that while I thought I was treating my reader to an enjoyable travelogue, I was actually getting all smutty, blathering away about eating pussy.

And so, to cheer myself up, I'm going to go do a Google search for "fish taco." I may even make it a Google image search, I haven't decided yet. It's a little early in the day for dirty pictures, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

* In my comment box. BOX, get it?


  1. I think the girlie bits term is "pink taco", but maybe I say that because we eat a lot of fish tacos and I don't want to be squicked out when I serve dinner...

  2. Even "pink taco" can't be all that bad, since it's a restaurant chain.

    And personally, I think some of my readers have dirty minds. I just did a search for fish taco and came up with a bunch of recipes. From Epicurious and other foodie sites.

    But I'm still looking forward to the Google hits this post is going to generate. I love to disappoint internet perverts, and anyway, it's time this blog moved on from "Christina Aguilera's butt crack," which, until today, was the single most frequent search phrase.

  3. Wow, there's just a lot of adult education to be had online. Who knew?

  4. Oh for pete's sake, I'm not sure I'll ever be able to eat fish tacos again.

  5. I knew about the fish taco thing - but, you'll notice, I took the high road. Because that's the way I roll.

  6. ...also, someone informed me, the other day, that "pink" as in the word plastered across the ass of many Victoria's Secret products, means vagina.

  7. And you didn't give us a YouTube rendition of "California Dreamin'"?

    I wish I hadn't read all that about fish tacos and pink and all that. It's all gross. Yuck.

  8. Just surfin' the blogs and stopped in for a visit.

    Great Blog.


  9. Oh, thanks blackbird. Now I must get rid of all my pink stuff.

    Did any of y'all ever see the episode of "Son of the Beach"????

  10. I'm just so very proud ...

    is it just an Australian thing?

    Like we call the front bottom a fanny?

    (just trying to help with the pervert hits - think of your blog stats)

  11. Setting aside the more lurid construction of the term, I am a very big fan of the foodstuff in question. The lovely and gracious Jennifah D. introduced us to this gastronomic marvel at a SoCal dive called "Rubio's."

    It is now a pilgrimage for us.


    P.S. Do you know how difficult it was to avoid even an accidental pun?

  12. FISH TACOS as a euphemism for a woman's honeypot!!! OMG. That is not perverted it is insulting. I always thought it was PINK taco and even that was considered rude. There was quite a bit of controversy over the restaurant chains name at the time.

    I am still trying to wrap my mind around Oprah's VaJayJay thing.

    Why do men have cute little nicknames for THEIR anatomy and women get this??? Discuss.

  13. I was going to start posting about how "meat and two veg" wasn't exactly cute, but now I can't. It just started to snow, and my brain just imploded.


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