Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A mother/son talk

Tonight my son seemed restless. Distracted. And so, after he swallowed his fourth taco (no, not whole--it just seemed that way) he asked me a question.

Poppy's son: Mom, is it hard to be funny?

Poppy: For some people--yes, I suppose it is. But for other people--the lucky ones--well, wit and humor are always threatening to burst out--sort of like an explosion of yellow baby diarrhea up the back of a diaper.


  1. Somehow, I bet the Poppy family has yellow baby diarrhea in abundance ;-)

  2. I just want to know what inspired the question...

  3. Exactly like that! Excellent dinner conversation;)

  4. And you, little Mr. Muffin Jr., have been blessed with a shit-your-pants-funny momma.

  5. I want to hear his reaction to that comment. In my house, there would have been stunned silence followed by deep prolonged laughter. Potty humor is always deeply appreciated.


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