Sunday, March 23, 2008

The past two days: a photo essay.

Easter Saturday was busy. I needed to buy suitcases for my kids.

And a pair of shoes for Poppette. But she refused to come with me. What kind of daughter refuses to go shoe-shopping with her mother? I mean, Jebus, I was even paying. But I showed little Miss I'd-rather-listen-to-my-iPod. I didn't buy her these:

Instead I bought her these:

See the cute lining?

They're Gucci knock-offs by Sam and Libby.

I had to buy this kind of thing, too:

And come home and hide it all. Then it was time to get dressed up and go to dinner.

First course, beet carpaccio:

Second course, short ribs of beef on truffled polenta:

Then The Barber of Seville:


and more Barber:
then home to make sure the Easter Bunny showed up. He did:

Sunday morning was church. We had three services--luckily I only needed to be there for the second and third. After the 9:00 I peeked into the sanctuary to see whether I could find my family. It was already filling up by 10:30.

The bishop officiated at the 11:00 service. First we gathered in the plaza outside the cathedral:

Then we processed into the cathedral.

It was character building.

I sneaked my camera into the sanctuary. Now mind you, I didn't allow photographs at my own wedding. Because I think there is no place for cameras in a church service. But then I snapped this just as the recession started. Why?

Because I am an ASSHOLE. An inconsistent one.

After the service was over we admired the flowers

We were very aware of how pretty we they were.


  1. Hey, what happened to the font down here?

    I'm very proud of your stealth photo skills.

  2. I've been fooling around with the formatting. For instance, I enlarged the font for the text, because I was having hard reading my own blog BECAUSE I'M OLD.

    Praise for my stealth photo skills is highly valued, coming from the Queen of Stealth Photography. I just wish I could figure out how to turn off the flash.

  3. Great snaps. I love your daughter's new shoes. Their baskets looked so sweet, too. Bummer about the ornery weather. Otherwise, you look like you had a sublime Easter weekend.

  4. Am I the ONLY mom who puts beef jerky in her kids baskets? Yes they got some candy too... but not much; they'd rather have the jerky and other little gifts.

  5. Poppette's new shoes are lovely and I'm pretty sure there's a girl in my house who would like for me to find some in her size.

  6. My favorite pic? The one of Grandmother's, now your, evening bag and opera glasses with well-worn case! Ultimate retro chic in a snapshot.

  7. My uncle's funeral might have been in your church several years ago. I think I recognize it.


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