Saturday, March 29, 2008

What We Did On Our Spring Vacation

Hung around our hotel room and took this test.

It's to determine whether we're autistic or just garden variety geeks.

My husband got a 27 and I got a 25. We're not clinically-significant, but you probably don't want to invite us to your parties, because he'll end up in a corner scribbling physics equations on a cocktail napkin, and I'll sneak off somewhere and live-blog it.


  1. I dunno about this test. I scored a 10 and I'm TOTALLY geeky. I mean, I worked for over 20 years in the software industry. Doesn't that alone qualify me for supreme geekiness?

  2. I got a 23 - a little higher than I expected. I'll be the one at the party trying to figure out how I can sew the cute dresses that are on the other guests.

  3. OMG: I scored a 29. I'm the one in the corner with an encyclopedia.

  4. I got an 18. Actually quite lower than I expected.

  5. I scored a 5. I think that means I'm awesome.

  6. I scored a 20, higher than I would have thought. Interesting.


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