Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Whine it like a Mommy Blogger

My daughter is home sick from school.

And that means there are two of us trapped here with those lying sack-of-shit space pack-installing guys who mendaciously assured me that they would only be working in one or at the most two rooms at once.

The thing is, this is not the same thing as "only one or two rooms in your house will be affected."

And here is your proof:

My bedroom

My study

My husband's study

My living room

My dining room

The upstairs hallway

and last but not least, my sunroom porch

This is a small job. I keep telling myself that. But in retrospect I am SO GLAD we moved out when we had the kitchens and bathrooms worked on. Driving an extra hour and a half every day? Killing time while my kids are in school? Neglecting to oversee my children's homework and falling into bed exhausted every night? TOTALLY WORTH IT. I wasn't listening to workmen. I wasn't breathing plaster dust.

I can't even begin to describe how much I'm looking forward to this evening's glass(es) of wine.


  1. From the looks of that mess, I am thinking I would have lived with the window units. But then again, I am lazy/set in my ways.

  2. Not fun at all. It's making me think about shelving the plans for the kitchen. Strange people in the house, crap everwhere, dust. Bleh.

  3. I'm currently living with a head cold and a kitchen renovation. Wish I had moved out. Thanks for convincing me to hold off on the A/C install. Window units will suffice for a while longer.

    Enjoy your wine tonight! And tomorrow night.

  4. I shall remind you of this heartache when you are cool and happy this summer.
    I promise.

  5. What? No Manhattans?

    Can't be as bad as all that, then.


  6. Must not be. These days I save Manhattans for full-day-in-a-Disney-park, drove-to-New-Hampshire-from- Illinois-in-one-day, or chaperoned-the-sixth-grade-boys-at-Six-Flags-Great-America occasions.

    Also, I have a cold. So I tend to drink a bit less.

    But only A BIT.

  7. not to minimize your anguish - i feel your pain, blah blah blah - but i am going blind trying to read all the titles of all your books. because i am a freak that way...

  8. bb: Here's some help: on the left side of the fireplace, top shelf? A whole bunch of P. G. Wodehouse in the Collector's Edition, along with a few other volumes having to do with Plum and his works. On the second shelf you'll see the 21 volumes of Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin series, with some related reference works.

    I am nothing if not accumulative.

  9. I love a woman who can use "sack-of-shit" and "mendaciously" in the same sentence.


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