Friday, April 11, 2008

Flickr Video, or, why I am not cutting edge

So I logged on to Twitter this morning and discovered that everyone is all abuzz about Flickr video.

Now, I don't do digital video, mostly because I can barely manage to negotiate the complicated machinery I already own.

Like my iPod, which is acting so randomly non-compliant and pouty these days that it feels like I've somehow managed to accumulate a third adolescent child. Or the laptop I'm typing on right this second, which has already crashed twice this morning--the second time eating this blog entry.

That's right; you're reading sloppy seconds.

Anyway, I went to check out Flickr video because I may suck at operating digital machinery, but nobody beats me at procrastination and general lollygagging.

And it's true. Flickr video was in beta, but now it's official.

(Beta? Isn't basically everything in beta? My iPod sure is, and for all I know, so is my laptop. I think my children are, too, which explains a lot. Maybe OffSpring 2.0 will work faster and better, without all the current release's problems with freezing, crashing, and data loss.)

Back to Flickr video. I checked it out. They're brand new, and they already have memes. The first is called Fridgets. The idea is you put your video camera in the refrigerator and shoot a video of yourself opening the refrigerator door. Then you upload it to the internet so everyone can click on the video and see how lame you are--and then crash their browser. Again.

Just so you know, Flickr user werewegian, my MacBook running FireFox doesn't give a shit what you keep in your refrigerator. Asshole.

Go ahead and check it out if you want. Me? I'm going to go make sweet sweet love to my old football-sized videotape recorder, knowing that no matter how freaky I get with Mr. Sony, it will not adversely affect my laptop.

Or my iPod.


  1. I don't know if you're aware of this, but thousands of Flickr users have been protesting the new video service because of some of the same reasons you describe. Maybe you started a protest movement without realizing it!

  2. Children 2.0 is funny.

    Maybe you should adopt. Then you can get the make/model you want, special ordered.

  3. I <3 my VCR! Sometimes technology ain't all that grand.

    I've been reading you for awhile, don't think I've commented before. Have added your link to my blog. (Lemme know if that's any sort of creepy and I'll remove it.)


  4. Bless you for noting that yes, you DO use Firefox, which is supposed to make everything all better. It does not, thank you very much.

    Despite the occasional inconvenience, I still love my Mac.

    Mostly because it's so much easier to use than my video cam.


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