Monday, April 14, 2008

Nobody expects the sunshine!

First thanks to everyone who asked to be my pal on Facebook. Poppy feels popular, she said, slipping into Bossy-speak.

Today has one important thing going for it. My kids are at school, and my husband went to the office . . . office and school ... school and office.

Today has two things going for it: my husband is at the office and my children are at school, and it's NOT RAINING ...

The THREE THINGS today has going for it are the office, the school, the lack of rain, and my fanatical devotion to laundry ... The four ... no. Amongst the things today has going for it are such elements as school, office ... I'll come in again.

(After I do the laundry.)

And you guys! I downloaded Stephen Colbert's I Am America, and So Can You from iTunes. So. fucking. funny. I could fold clean clothes for hours.

And I probably will.


  1. Sorry I can't add to your facebook whoredom, but I did take your bait for Twitter.

    So, there. Congrats on the 100 followers. Now, lead me towards the light.

  2. No one expects the inquisition!

    I love the audiobook of I am America, so can you I have listened to it 4 or 5 times and my husband took it for his commute. The Water For Elephants audiobook is top-notch, too.


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