Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday afternoon's all right for shopping

I had a double rehearsal today. We sang Handel. We also sang some modern guy whose name I can't recall. We sang a piece by Elgar of "Pomp and Circumstance" fame. Then we sang some Palestrina. By the time we got to the Palestrina my brain was completely fried.

So when my rehearsal was over, I went shopping. I needed moisturizer, so I stopped by the Estee Lauder counter. Yeah, I know. Estee Lauder is for old ladies. But I love this moisturizer. It smells like cantaloupe. And it's been a long time since I blew a lot of money on cosmetics. Since last August, I believe.

And anyway, I'm all about the retro. Have you seen the blue boxes Estee Lauder shit comes in? My inner Ethel Mertz is crazy about them.

So I went a little crazy and bought a tinted moisturizer. And a lipstick. And a lipgloss. And then I had to go to the ATM to get more cash.

To get to the ATM I had to walk by the Chanel boutique. Which is always good for some window shopping. Oh, my goodness, the evening shoes were TO DIE FOR. But if you think I went in and looked at them more closely, you overestimate my sang froid, my friends. Chanel shoes are expensive enough when the U. S. dollar isn't dans la toilette.

And then I went home and played with my new makeup. And had dinner. And did my nails. And typed this in, not because I think it's interesting or significant or amusing, but because Blog365 twisted my arm.


  1. Is Estee Lauder the one that makes Blue Grass perfume?

  2. This really relates to your Friday post, and I know I should know this - but if you don't drink gin, scotch or ale, at all, what DO you drink?

    (as one who drinks pretty much anything placed in front of her and cannot imagine being forced to choose...)

  3. bb: No, Blue Grass is Elizabeth Arden. EL makes the infamous Youth Dew as well as more modern fragrances like Pleasures and Beautiful and such like. None of which I wear.

    I'm in it for the wrinkle cream.

    bec: Weird, isn't it--I mean, me being such a raving dipsomaniac. And I do once in a while drink a beer, if I'm eating food that goes with it. For whiskey I like Bourbon. I love rum. I tolerate vodka in a mixed drink. And I'm a wino. I used to loathe tequila from the experience of having an entire tray of frozen margaritas land on me when I was a cocktail waitress. I couldn't stand the smell for years. But now I like it. And there's hope. Maybe I'll end up a scotch drinker.


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