Friday, April 04, 2008

Two Good Things About Today

1. My son, who has the Asperger's, was invited for a play date this afternoon and went straight from the playdate to a drop in for 7th and 8th graders. Meaning that he was hanging out with his peers for something like seven hours after school today. Also, while he was out being a social butterfly, a kid from his karate class called to invite him for a sleepover.

Which means that my son, who has problems with social skills, could use a social secretary, otherwise he could end up double-booking and disappointing his public.

2. Meanwhile, yesterday my husband and I looked at our calendar and realized that we had NOTHING to do tonight. And NOTHING to do tomorrow night. And we are positively fizzy with glee over the prospect of spending time mooching around the house doing nothing and seeing no one and acting like reclusive socially-crippled losers.

Even though we don't have the Asperger's.

I can not even begin to describe how thrilled I am with this state of affairs, she typed, feeling as happy as a socially rejected internet weirdo can.


  1. I hear your thrilledness. It's a lovely way to spend time... doing 'nothing much'.

  2. See? It all balances out on the social scales.

    I love the image I have in my head of you and A hanging around at home.

  3. You can engage in more of that burping and farting activity you so delicately mentioned in your previous post.

  4. This would be an ideal time for TSMYM to do an A-B comparison of the CD box sets of Bach's St. Matthew's from Telarc & Delos, should be done by, say, 3am.


  5. Oh! YAY for young Master Buxom! I know how thrilled you are, because his birthday twin minus one year, who as you know ALSO has the Aspergers, is going to a birthday party this afternoon. I believe it's the second or third birthday party to which he's been invited since he started kindergarten. We are beside ourselves ovah heah.

  6. Badge--here's hoping he has a great time! And in a year has dueling invitations, for heaven's sake.

  7. I can hear the thrill-ed-ness in your voice, Poppy!

    I'm happy for everybody at your house tonight!


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