Friday, May 02, 2008

Last minute Mother's Day gifts

Just kidding. You have over a week!

But in case you forget--again--I'm sure your mother will be touched to receive a thoughtful Mother's Day greeting card from someecards.

Something truly heartfelt and touching, like this card, will make her realize you fully understand all the sacrifices she made in bearing you, nursing you, and bringing you up.

Meanwhile, because I'm not satisfied with a greeting card, not even a funny one, I demand to be given this:

And I don't care if it breaks the "no gifts that plug in" rule.


p.s. Unfortunately it's manufactured by an English company and has the wrong kind of plug, so it won't work in America. Stupid Brits! Between the way they screw around with the language, drive on the wrong side of the road, play cricket, and talk with those irritating, "I'm-so-much-smarter-than-you" accents, I say it's time to start Revolutionary War II: Colonial Backlash!

Or not. Just give me all your Cadbury--the good stuff, not that shit you export--and I'll go away quietly.


  1. I want one too! Would it be asking too much for Mr. D to just re-wire the entire house Brit-style so that works? And buy all new Brit everything else? Yeah, I guess chocolate is the better bet here.

  2. There must be an american version of that vacuum because the Girl and I saw (and drooled over) one in a pancake house about a month ago. It was red and so adorable!

  3. Our new house, for reals, has a couple of European outlets (the former owners were Chicagoan mom, French dad) so, if I get some really, really long European extension cords, I could terrify my doggie with this sweet vacuum cleaner!

    No wonder this house spoke to me.

  4. You just made my day with your last two paragraphs. A good out-loud laugh to break the humming busy silence around here.



  5. I wish I had known you wanted a Hetty, I would have picked you up a plug adapter at Walgreens when I was in Miami last week! They had a whole section of plug adapters, cuz, you know, the Europeans love them some Miami. And apparently they bring their own hairdryers. But can I bring my non-travel size Clinique moisturizer? Noooo!


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