Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Live blogging Steamboat Bill, Jr.

Yeah, I realize it's not exactly liveblogging the season finale of Lost or So You Think You Can Dance. And frankly, if I weren't doing Blog365, I wouldn't bother.

I mean, how interesting are my attempts to steal ideas for what to plant in my front window boxes? Not very. But I'm trying to enjoy my summer, that season that is rumored to be showing up any day now. What about all white flowers, like the containers outside the library?

Wouldn't that give my windowboxes a certain Sissinghurst vibe?

Because my house totally qualifies as a Stately Home. No, really, it does. Ask anyone.

Meanwhile, it's chilly enough in my not-so-stately home that it seemed like a good idea to put on a sweatshirt, and now I'm wrapped up in a microfleece blanket in front of the television.

Buster Keaton is adorable. And my blanket is cozy. And I'm falling alseep. Tune in tomorrow when I decide whether I'm liveblogging or sleepblogging.


  1. Poppy, your blustery Chicago-style weather has blown down South. Summon it back, please. I've got on a sweatshirt with my regulation summer vacation khaki shorts.

  2. You should do white flowers in your window boxes - then I can think of you as my own personal Vita


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