Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I've got eleven minutes to post. So I'll keep it brief.

425,945 cold and/or virus germs
+ 1 skipped rehearsal
+ four tablets of cold and/or virus medicine
17 YouTube videos watched
2 foot stack of old magazines put out in recycling bin
3 boxes old files moved down to basement
2 wastebaskets full of old makeup tossed
2 loads of laundry washed dried and folded
3 pounds of oven-barbecued ribs cooked and cleaned up
6 dozen Quadruple Chocolate cookies baked and packed up for son's advisory party
1 shoddy excuse for a blog entry


  1. Feel better.

    Got any George Michael in there?

  2. Oh, see, when I read videos, naturally I thought...

  3. This must be that New Math I keep hearing about. Because in my day, this equation would have had a simple answer: 20 straight hours in bed.

  4. What? No partride-in-a-pear-tree?


    P.S. If this is my flu you caught...sorry.

  5. But where's the dozen cookies I asked for?

  6. blackbird: No George Michael. When I want to watch a music video, I just watch that one of my husband dancing. Over and over.

    Badge: It would have, except for the effect of pseudoephedrine. As far as my metabolism is concerned, it might as well be crack.

    Joke: It is not. Symptoms are rigorously confined to the upper respiratory tract and brain. Nothing whatsoever to do with my plumbing.

    Ree: You'll have to get in line behind the seventh grade advisory and my husband, who got into the stash this morning. But I sampled a couple last night myself, and they are SO GOOD. Like fudge. These are the Pied Piper of cookies; all I need to do is bake them and people will follow me around and do whatever I want.

  7. I don't get it. This must be trigonometry or something. I quit math after geometry and no one wept.

    And, yeah, maybe you could just lie still for a bit. Obviously, you're not ingesting enough cough medicine. Or martinis.


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