Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Same thing but deja-vu

Last night my husband and I broke new cultural ground by attending the concert for which we had tickets

As opposed to showing up for the dress rehearsal for a totally different production. By a totally different cultural institution.

The weird thing is that the whole evening felt like deja vu--at least until the music started. I hired the same babysitter. 

My children ate this 
frozen crap, and I drove down to have a much better dinner here

and then walked through the park

to the theater

to hear


And it was fine. 

I had a much needed and very refreshing nap while a lot of people sawed away on violins. 

In order to avoid sleeping through the second half of the concert, which featured a Mozart triple piano concerto, I drank a cup of coffee during intermission. 

This perked me up tremendously, helped me drive home safely, and then caused me to have insomnia for most of the rest of the night.

Which is why, despite all the Mozart I heard yesterday, this entry isn't any smarter than usual.


  1. is that a giant bike helmet?

  2. You should have had the coffee first.

    But look at the bright side, it could have been far worse, you could have subjected yourself to a performance of Handel's Julius Caesar for which there isn't enough coffee in Brazil.


  3. *lol* WEll, at least you got out...even if it did keep you up half the night!

  4. babelbabe: That's "Cloud Gate," or as we call it around here, "The Bean."

    Joke: Sorry, I saw Julius Caesar (starring Danielle DeNeisse as Cleopatra) last fall at the Lyric and LOVED IT.

    sarah: I get out so much that I'm looking forward to tonight, where I'll eat food I cooked myself and maybe watch a DVD or do a little reading.

  5. Okay, I want to know how many boxes of frozen crappe it takes to fill up that giraffe you call a son. Because MY giraffe will eat like three of those at a sitting and still be hungry. That's assuming he would even deign to consume something with "kid" in the name, which he has refused to do since August of last year.

  6. The last time I checked my giraffe only ate one, but an hour and a half before "dinner," he'd had a Hostess cupcake, a glass of milk, and a huge apple.

    I don't know why the whole "Kid" thing doesn't bruise his dignity. I suspect it's because like his mother, he doesn't have any.

  7. My gripe with Julius Caesar was more with Handel than it was with the production. I felt like you did before the coffee kicked in...and this was after my espresso was flowing merrily through me.




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