Friday, May 09, 2008

Still dead

You know how you really mean to get to the gym and work out, except life is so rushed that you never go?

Well, not only do I not have time to go to the gym, I don't have time to call my marriage counselors in India and learn how to make poppadums get the wireless DSL working.

I have to buy a sleeping bag for my daughter to take to a bithday sleepover because we can't find the ones I know we had a couple of years ago. And a birthday present for her to take. And buy something frozen for the babysitter to microwave for my son for dinner. And make sure the white shirt/tie/black pants are ready for my son to wear to a music competition tomorrow. And drive downtown and open the apartment for my sister-in-law. And get dressed for a black-tie event tonight. And hope my husband gets back from Delaware or D.C. or wherever he is at the moment in time to meet us there.

So I'm in the public library checking my email for the first time in three days and finding all kinds of last-minute shit about the music competition and the black-tie benefit and so on.

Just so you know, my middle initial is S. Which at the moment stands for "Stresseating."


  1. I THINK you know what I've been doing.
    And I think you know that those sleeping bags? Gone in the Great Purge of 07-08.

  2. Maybe the sleeping bags are in the apartment?

    And by now Earthlink should have come out to the house and fixed everything and left behind a nice sour cream coffeecake, too.

  3. A sour cream coffeecake sounds really good right about now.

  4. This happened to me in December, and you are inducing horrible flashbacks. I just wanted you to know that.

    The library never occurred to me, either, during The Horror. I call it The Horror. So good for you for coming up with that one! Fortunately, I was able to access the Internet at work for unauthorized personal use for which I could be reprimanded, up to and including termination.

    December was a really good time for stress eating though, I gotta say.

  5. I deeply, wildly regret not having been able to attend the Great Black Tie Event.



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