Sunday, June 29, 2008

But wait! There's more!

I interrupt this blog's interminable whine-fest to tell you some good news.

Yes, dear readers, I thought I'd get my head out of the toilet long enough to tell you that Jen on the Edge has graciously agreed to join me, Kristin, SarahO, and Susie Sunshine over at Mamarazzi.

So go check her out!

Are you ready for more good news? Are you? Well, we've got some big changes coming up for Mamarazzi.

And we're looking for writers.

That's right! We're looking for people who want to write children's books! f u cn rd ths msg, u cn wrt fr Mamarazzi!

I know what you're thinking. Who, me? I'm not funny enough! I don't type fast enough! And I don't know who half of these so-called celebrities are!

Hey, no problem. ME NEITHER. And yet, I've been on the Mamarazzi masthead for over two years.

Yes, I said over two years. So what if I've never lost half my body weight or made the New York Times Best Seller List or lost a job because of my blog.

(Let's face it; it's pretty hard for that last one to happen TO A HOUSEWIFE).

Lo, I have done none of these impressive things. And yet, I've been writing for Mamarazzi for over two years. And why yes, I do think a little Wayne's World-style "We're not worthy! we're not worthy!" is called for here.

And just think! This could be you! Yes, you too can be the idol of dozens! Think of it--millions of people going to work every day--firing up their computers--what do they do? Sure, everyone checks out Lolcats and the Fuglies, but what happens then?

Well, I'll tell you. Then it is that a small, select, exquisitely-discerning group of readers clicks over to Mamarazzi and is thrilled to discover that I said Angelina Jolie was "Hoovering up third-world orphans in a manner reminiscent of Robert Downey Jr. snorting lines."

So if you feel like pouring over gossip sites and tabloids, if you enjoy finding out more than you ever wanted to know about the skanky likes of Denise Richards, Britney Spears, Dina Lohan, and Kimora Lee Simmons in order to write a scathing but hilariously funny entry, and if you will do it for free since until we have ad revenue coming in we won't be able to pay you--shoot an email to me or to

So you don't forget, call tonight! 1-800-mam-arazzi!


  1. You know, Sarah O. is over at her blog shilling for Mamarazzi AND promising sex. I'm just sayin'...

  2. Y' know, I'm sitting here in my little house at the bottom of the world and have never heard of half of the celebrities that feature on Mamarazzi (Australia only gets your A - D list celebrities beyond that, we have to manufacture our own).
    I still read it though,if only for lines like the Angelina - RD Jr. one.
    I laughed until I peed!


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