Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The day I've been anticipating for over eleven years has arrived.

My 11 year-four months-22 days-old daughter just told me that she hates me.

Of course, she was terribly disappointed to discover that I knew it all along. Or rather, that I knew the day would come when she would say that. And that it would be OK. And that I distinctly remember telling her grandmother the same thing. And that it was a normal part of growing up female.

So I proved myself to be a calm, capable mother.

So now she really has something to hate me about.


  1. Good for you.

    I'm sorry.


  2. Oooh, yeah - that's the best way to infuriate them. Tell them you understand.

  3. It took you 11 years to get to that point? My older one told me that when she was 8. Then she saw the look in my eye and immediately recanted, because mine was a very scary look and the child knew to be very afraid.

  4. Oh, FINE. Somebody has to come and brag about how her daughter hated her three years before mine hated me.

    I just can't win!

  5. jen's girls are exemplary - don't you worry, your girl is right on track.
    I didn't tell my mother I hated her until I was 13.

  6. If you really want to drive her nuts, tell her "Thank you" every time she says something like that. I called my mother some really horrible things when I was younger, and it always drove me crazy that she would say "Thanks, honey" and go on with her day like I'd just told her she looked radiant like the sun.

  7. Yes and that will last forever until she needs you which will be, like, tomorrow. Hint for future: grand children are your opportunity for complete revenge.

  8. I'm just so impressed at how you keep your cool.

  9. My girl is seven...

    My reply? "That's fine" and went about my business.

    It was much easier than I thought, actually.

    Your son hasn't said the same? Uh-oh, maybe I'm just raising not so nice children...

  10. You're a better woman than I... I expect that I will cry.

  11. Thing 1 took a bit longer to tell me, but I frustrated her by looking her in the eye and telling her that it didn't matter, that "I" still loved her.

    Ahhh, I am far more evil than I appear!!


  12. The circle of life is a beautiful thing.

    *koff* *gack*


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