Tuesday, June 17, 2008

For the perverts out there. Garden P0rn.

This is the part of the yard I was working on on Sunday.

That trapezoidal bed of roses, pre edging and pre-mulch. I can't decide what to put around the edge. Miniature roses are nice, but they always get black spot. Catmint would work.

Whisper hybrid tea rose

John Cabot Canadian Explorer series

Pink Gnome groundcover rose

Baronne Prévost antique rose

About three weeks ago I spent about three hours to fill my window boxes out front. This year all the flowers are white, so I call it "Sissinghurst in a box:" two ten-foot-long window boxes planted with white petunias, dusty miller, white geraniums, white nicotiana, a trailing plant and an upright one whose name I can't remember.


  1. Didn't we discuss this Vita?

  2. The local lighthouse and museum have John Cabot roses planted in their gardens - they're on the same street and when the wind blows the right way you can have these great huge breaths of deep winey-rose scent...

    Lovely, and I love the petals, as they start out pink and end up red.

    Although allow me a moment to say you are SO much more structured than I - I'd do maybe two pots a day and let the others sit.

    (This is probably why I'm not much of a gardener!)


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