Friday, June 13, 2008

Mamarazzi cross post: Posh flip-flops

Because the comments at Mamarazzi are still scrod, I thought I'd follow SarahO's example and cross post today's entry here. That way if you are moved to weigh in, you can.

"Fershlugginer Movable Type dickweed website of the utmost in douchebaggery," she muttered darkly to herself.

You know how sometimes you pick a supermarket line not because it's shorter than the others, but because it has better trashy magazines?

And how you maybe don't want to admit it, but you check out Perez Hilton, D-Listed, or every single day?

And how you justify buying Posh Spice's book because it will be really useful research for a Mamarazzi post?

Oh, that last part? You mean it was just us? Well, OK. Confession time: one of us bought a copy of That Extra Half an Inch. Because she thought it might come in handy when she needed material for a Mamarazzi post.

The Gospel According to Posh

And it just did.

There are certainly some howlers in this book, as well as plenty of evidence that this edition was rushed through the American press (newsflash for British editors: Americans don't know what "the high street" is.) But unfortunately, the fact remains that Posh's advice about shoes is actually pretty good.

Which brings us to this photograph of Posh and Becks at Disneyland:

Posh and Becks and boys at Disneyland

For the record, in the book she recommends Havaianas because "they come in great colours [sic] and are probably the first flip-flops ever not to rub painfully between your toes, thanks to their satin-soft rubber."

So while she never says "For God's sake, wear comfortable shoes to trudge through Disneyland with your hunky husband and three sons!" it's clear from the picture that the girl still knows her flip-flops.

We know.

Is there a fancy German compound word for the crushing sense of disappointment we feel in seeing the Beckhams looking and acting so--well--normal?


  1. :Is there a fancy German compound word for the crushing sense of disappointment we feel in seeing the Beckhams looking and acting so--well--normal?:
    Ha! That's lovely. I can imagine it. How about...Normaltrauer? Normal mourning?

    Btw, how can she look so sullen/gloomy even at Disneyland?

  2. There should be if there isn't (a German compound word...)

    Maybe her expression is just that even the best flip flops can't keep you energized after a long day.

    I know "Bend it like Beckham" was a fictional movie, but I can't help thinking how the two girls in that would be thrilled that Beckham is in California while they're at school with their soccer scholarships.

    And yes, I do choose the aisle for its magazines. Or I grab one from a different aisle and (horrors) put it back in the wrong slot when I have to hand over my "advantage card."

    Clearly I'd rather write about Posh Spice than do the work before me...

  3. Holy frozen Hell, I'm wearing more expensive shoes than Posh! My favorite flip flops cost three times more than Posh's $16 ones.

    Also, Babelfished suggested you use the German word "Schuhenttäuschung".

  4. Nice to see celebs doing something normal.

    I'm one of those people who think that flip-flops don't belong anywhere in public, unless maybe it's at the pool or beach.

    I also really *hate* when British books get Americanized. I can figure out what the high street is (and we had them here too until everything got suburbanized) and that "colour" is the British spelling. Why not give we Americans a bit of a brain challenge? Very few American books get "translated" into the Queen's English for the sake of the folks over there. Learn to embrace our cultural differences instead of trying to make everything bland.

  5. The problem is that most Americans get little details wrong, like thinking "high tea" is teddibly proper afternoon tea when it's the opposite, or "the high street" is where the fancy boutiques are when they mean regular stores on Main Street.

  6. I don't know that I want to know exactly what needs to happen to make your flip flop's toe thingie "satin soft".

    Unless, y'know, they actually wrap them in satin.

  7. Try this: Enttäuschung.

    Doesn't flow very well, does it? But then again, most German words don't.

    As for Posh, anyone who believes that woman strung together more than five words at a time for that book, also believes that R. Kelly is an innocent man.

  8. Good one! Count me in as a cynic. In both cases.


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