Monday, July 21, 2008

BlogHere Day 6: Home again, home again, I'm a fat pig

Holy farking shnit, people, am I tired.

And I just realized why--I forgot about jet lag! My body is still on east coast time--it's an hour later there. And that's late, for the middle-aged. Which I am, at this point. I might even be elderly--I'm not sure.

I mean, is it elderly if you're not quite sure whether you need to go to the bathroom? Because if so, I qualify.

Also, like the elderly, I got up ridiculously early this morning. I had to go to the airport with Jen Lancaster and Susie Sunshine, and just to make sure we left in a timely fashion, with breakfast and a shower and clean clothes on, we got up at the buttcrack of dawn.

Well, I fooled them. I didn't have any breakfast, I didn't take a shower, and I was wearing a pair of recycled pants.

But it was OK. I don't think I smelled that much.

(Hey, I think I just explained the phenomenon of "old people smell." They can't tell they smell. Hey, Nobel Prize committee! Where's my award?)

So anyway, after eating everything on the plane, (including a stack of SkyMall magazines and one of those weird airplane pillows) I got home just fine.

And guess what? My house was clean. The laundry wasn't too piled up. My husband had finished putting together the "some assembly required" media cabinets for the flat screen t.v. we don't own yet.

There were groceries. We had steak for dinner!

Life is good.

Because it turns out that if you put the steak through a food mill, it doesn't even matter that you left your teeth back at Blackbird's.


  1. Why did I not moan about you all being an hour behind me during those late night jam sessions? No wonder I had to go up to bed before everyone else.

  2. So, BB is suffering from jet lag by proxy?


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