Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Thumb tack

Today I worked with my trainer and she found a whole bunch of exercises for me to do.

It's sort of like she handed me a huge bouquet, but instead of fresh-smelling flowers and foliage wrapped up in florist's paper, it was pain. A bouquet of pain.

Specifically, in my knees. OK, I realize that if my quadriceps were stronger, all those lunges would be a lot easier. And so would some of the positions the yoga instructor asked me to get into.

But all I know is that after working on lunges and then assuming the Angry Out of Shape Warrior pose for what felt like hours, I'm feeling a bit of discomfort.

In other words, it feels like someone has hammered a thumb tack into my kneecap.

Thank God for the internet. Not only do you inspire me to make chicken fajitas for dinner, you let me sit around on my ass while I eat them.


  1. I hope I inspire you to sit down for EVERY meal.


  2. I signed up for a trainer last month. I HATE IT. It's like the worst job I ever had.

  3. You're SUPPOSED to sit down when you eat fajitas. They're too messy to eat standing up, yo.

  4. U inspire me ALMOST enouough to start my mega workouts again. It makes me feel so much bettah. But then I like sitting on my but watching the Tour de France for hours a huge much lot, too. Hmmm, what's a gal to do?

  5. Watch the Tour de France while pedaling a stationary bike, of course!

    Sheesh, bring me a problem that isn't so easy to solve, willya?


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