Friday, July 18, 2008

BlogHere08: Days 1 and 2

After we had lunch in the diner, we went shopping. First a thrift store, and then

Blackbird introduced me to the joys of Anthropologie. I had never been to one before. I bought a bottle of this lovely stuff, that smells like a tropical beach.

Then we went out for seafood. Susie Sunshine discovered the joys of eating raw oysters on the half shell. Yes, raw oysters are an aphrodisiac. Which probably explains her expression.

Then we went home and hung around.

Wendy of Martha MacGyver gave the birds their host and hostess aprons. Here they are posing as Tuvaluan Gothic.

Here's a little teasing vignette of the bird's living room. The warmth! The exquisite taste! I'm breathless.

We spent a ridiculous amount of time Twittering and laughing our asses off.

On Day 2 we felt more sophisticated, so we went to the city to shop. The first thing we did was hit this Japanese store.

I felt bereft because I don't have a fabric shoulder bag.

Colors are not allowed. Unless you consider brown a color.

The lady with the red dress? Was being followed by store detectives the whole time. NO COLORS ALLOWED, SCARLET WOMAN!!

When we saw this section of blue t-shirts, we fainted dead away from shock and excitement.

This store had the smallest housewares I had ever seen. (But if you've never bought one of these clippy things for hanging up wash, you need to think about it.)

Then we went to the Chinese store. Which was a relief for our color-starved eyes.

... more later.

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  1. I need a little more color in my life than Muji can provide. Perhaps Muji + Pearl River = a good modern combo for me?


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