Wednesday, August 20, 2008

At least someone's camera is working

On Sunday we met my friend Steve and his family for brunch at the Silver Moon Creperie in Dover, NH--a tiny hole in the wall place with crepes and paninis and coffee drinks--that's all they have, and that's all you need, really.

Mr. Buxom and I had mushroom and swiss. Young Master Buxom had lemon juice and sugar; Poppette had Nutella. (She would--a bigger chocoholic you've never met. She gets whiny on Thanksgiving when there isn't any chocolate on the menu.)

Now, Mr. Buxom and I aren't height challenged, precisely. We are happy with our five feet eight or six inches, respectively.

But one look at this picture makes me think that I should have gotten the lemon juice and sugar crepe. Because if I had, I might have grown the three or four inches necessary to move me from Overweight and into Nicely Rounded.

Of course, I might not enjoy life as a giraffe in human form. I'll have to ask Young Master Buxom what the weather's like up there. (Somehow I suspect that it won't be the last time he hears that question.)


  1. Shut up! You look great! YOur kids look just like you. What a couple of cuties.

  2. Thats funny, because I was thinking you looked pretty svelte.


  3. 1- That's a flattering picture of the three of youse. I must agree with the chorus of those who approve of how you look therein.

    2- I hypothesize the bat of two nights ago went up to Master Buxom's room while he slept and it gave his pituitary a good squeeze. He looks far taller than he did 3 weeks ago. He is also starting to resemble TSMYM more and more.

    3- Is Poppette sporting...a tan?

    4- NOS's number three dessert (behind tiramisu and Lindy's cheesecake) in the world is a Nutella crepe. So that bodes well. (Keep in mind I have seen her consume a brownie the size of a sidewalk slab.)

    Uh...I think that's it.


  4. You all look great. Tanned and relaxed.

    I'm only 5' 3", so I really hope my children end up taller than me.

  5. Now I'm seriously kicking myself for not buying one of those tops. DAMN THE HEATWAVE, IT AFFECTED MY SHOPPING MOJO!

    Young Mr. Buxom is sure turning out to be a taller version of the Stud Muffin his momma married, isn't he?!

    Poppette is the very young Julia Roberts before her Sutherland days.

  6. The boy child pulled even with me this summer, height-wise. Yipes. And his feet are now bigger than HIS FATHER'S.

    And OMG, in this photo Poppette looks EXACTLY like my gorgeous, beloved cousin MM at the same age!

  7. I finally figured out who your kids remind me of - Rusty and Audrey from the original Vacation movie!

  8. Oh, shush! You look both trim & buxom, and that's not easy to accomplish simultaneously.

  9. You resemble my attractive chic sister who lives in Italy, it must be the Roman nose.

  10. Mushroom & swiss. Yum. I think you look just fine--but I mostly noticed your nice and white and happy smile.

  11. See, aren't you glad I dragged you to a Tibetan store?

  12. Wendy, blackbird, and Susie: You ladies can force me to go shopping with you any time. I'm also wearing the green earrings and necklace I picked up on sale at the Anthropologie, which means you're responsible for about half of what I'm wearing in the picture. Good job!

    Joke: Yes, Poppette is quite brown at the moment. But don't tell her. She's sun-phobic. She keeps reading that a single drop of sun will give you cancer all over your body.

    Badger: Young Master Buxom's latest shoes? An 11. His father's? A nine. It's scary. Deeply scary. And speaking of that, his voice is the deepest in the family, too.

    jennsylvania: Oh, my lord--a perfect excuse to watch a NatLamp Vacation movie! YES! Thank you!

    Everyone else: I'm blushing. No really, I am!

  13. lemon and sugar - yum.

    and you are adorable. as are your children.


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