Friday, August 01, 2008

Friday's child

is over at Mamarazzi

and in the garden wrestling more Japanese beetles

and cutting roses and phlox and bringing them inside

and doing laundry

and picking up two bras that were special-ordered for her

and getting a manicure

and shopping for groceries

and making pizza dough

and straightening up the house

and drinking Pimm's Cup (made with Diet Canada Dry ginger ale, and it's not bad!)

and watching Get Shorty on the new big flatscreen

and cleaning up the kitchen

and lying in bed blogging.


  1. Is that last item deliberately ambiguous? Are you LYING about all those other items, and just in bed blogging?

    Good idea.



  2. I love Get Shorty! It's the cadillac of mobster movies.

  3. Yay for Pimms Cups! My extended family looked at me like I had three heads the first time I attempted to make it. I've been using regular gingerale, but I'm definitely going to try the diet this time!


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