Saturday, August 23, 2008

I am in Jamestown, NY.

After nine hours of driving from New Hampshire.

OK, I didn't drive the entire nine hours. My husband drove a bunch of them. But! When he wasn't driving he was writing a brief on his laptop. And whether he was driving or not, he was on his cell phone. Talking about legal matters in a VERY LOUD VOICE because his cell phone gets crappy reception.

Yes, it's Saturday, and yes, he's with his family, but he's a busy lawyer and so there we were, trapped in a minivan, but feeling like three flies on his office wall. Hello, now I know what it's like to be a lawyer. Three words: stressful, loud, and boring.

Is it any wonder that I ordered a giant cocktail when we went out to dinner?


  1. My DH does the SAME THING on roadtrips/vacations, only it's computer geek speak instead of legalese.


  2. I'm the lawyer, but the husband is the CFO and when we were waiting for the youngest's cat scan results for her head injury, he was shouting into the cell phone in the ER room.

    Then again, in the hall outside his mother's hospital room.

    And then again, when he walked in the door at 9:00.

    Gag order is now in place.

  3. OK, mostly I don't complain about my husband. But our 13-year-old son's voice is deeper than his is. And when he raises his voice to be heard on his cell phone? He really raises it.

    It's like driving a minivan listening to Gilbert Gottfried (the voice of the parrot Iago in Aladdin) shrieking about patent law.

    Which is the single meanest thing I've ever said about my husband on the internet, so no wonder I buried it in a comment.

  4. Sounds like being married to a CPA.


  5. P.S. If you ever feel devilish, the road that goes from Miami to Naples (i.e., traversing the Everglades) has a 28 mile stretch of ZERO cellphone reception.

  6. Y'know, I've been thinking about going to law school, but "stressful, loud, and boring" gives me pause. Thank you.

    And, let me chime in that my husband does the same thing, too, but he is a professor of strategic theory, so I have no idea what he is droning on AND ON about. If only he could put it in the form of a sonnet or a nice vilanelle, I might understand it.


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